Young Forever: Dr. Mark Hyman’s Secrets to a Long HEALTHY Life

What if you could stay fit, smart, and healthy your *whole* life — without the degeneration and disease we associate with “normal” aging? Well, according to Dr. Mark Hyman and new longevity science, you can.

While we can’t stop the clock, breakthroughs in epigenetics, nutrition, and functional medicine show we CAN turn back our biological clocks. In this #MarieTV, Dr. Hyman shares three ways you can reverse aging naturally — starting today.

If you want to look, feel, and actually BE younger (on a cellular level), click play now.

Or you can jump to these highlights:

4:47 — Why we age — & how to opt out.
7:03 — The critical difference between chronological and biological age.
13:56 — How to get 3 years younger in 8 weeks flat.
21:55 — The #1 intervention to extend your life and prevent chronic disease.
31:05 — What new scientific discoveries mean for your lifespan.
37:35 — The anti-aging recipe Dr. Mark Hyman swears by.
41:04 — 3 ways you can increase your longevity starting today.

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