Working Harder WON’T Make You Rich | Brutally Honest Business Advice

In this behind-the-scenes MarieTV, you’ll meet my “work wife” — the woman who saved me from the brink of burnout. Together, we share insider secrets including our biggest business mistakes, the #1 trait to look for when hiring help, and how massively boost your profits *without* adding a single task to your plate.

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Watch now to catch these highlights:

00:00 — What to do when you’re overwhelmed, burnt out, and on the verge of giving up.
4:22 — The tell-tale sign I’d found “my person.”
7:25 — How to be relentless in going after what you want.
12:08 — When to get help in your business — even if you think you can’t afford it.
12:30— The massive insecurity that plagued me for years. You, too?
13:49 — Don’t make these same hiring mistakes!
16:13 — My ex-employee cost me $250k, overnight. Here’s what I did about it.
20:49 — The #1 trait CEOs look for when hiring. (This is the most important quality EVER!)
23:55 — Watch out! This is exactly what brings out Jersey Marie.
28:05 — The ONE skill that separates winners from wannabes.
30:32 — The *real* secret to my success. (Most people overlook this!)
36:42 — The biggest mistake overwhelmed entrepreneurs make — DON’T DO THIS!
42:48 — Plus… What I’m really like OFF-camera. 😉

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