Why Your Writing Process Matters More Than Your Talent with Best-Selling Author Tina Wells

“I don't believe that some of us are given a gift to write and others aren't,” says Tina Wells — author of three best-selling tween book series: “Makenzie Blue,” “The Zee Files,” and “Honest June.” She believes it all comes down to unlocking your special gifts. Because a reliable writing process, more than innate talent, will lead you to success.

In this #MarieTV interview, you’ll learn how to define your audience in three steps, trust your gut even when it’s scary, plus the writing advice that helped Tina write six books in three years. If you’re ready to unlock your creativity, watch now for the specific prompts and processes Tina uses to write and market her bestsellers.

And for even more help with your writing, check out The Copy Cure here → https://thecopycure.com/ Tina Wells took this course when she was feeling stuck, and it’s chock full of prompts, tools, and time-saving insights that’ll breathe new life into your copy, and new sales into your business.

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