What If You STOPPED Trying to Be “Good?” | Elise Loehnan

Is trying to be “good” and perfect all the time holding you back? In this MarieTV, Elise Loehnan rejects cultural rules that tell women to stay small, keep their heads down, and be “good.” She shows you how to escape the toxic limiting beliefs and rise to greatness.

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09:50 – Why so many women don’t know what they want
14:14 – 2 surprising ways women have outperformed men for centuries
20:37 – How the “morality police” hold women back
25:02 – Why women put everyone else first
38:09 – The trick to making it in a “man’s world”
47:01 – How to escape the “good girl” trap
56:29 – Would you sacrifice 10 years of your life for THIS!?

Want more help escaping the “good girl” trap? Here’s my ultimate guide for saying “NO” (word-for-word scripts included!) — https://www.marieforleo.com/blog/how-to-say-no-ultimate-guide

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