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  • TRAINING: Awesome
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I myself continue to be an active member of the Wealthy Affiliate community and have no hesitation in recommending this platform to both new and experienced entrepreneurs alike!

Wealthy Affiliate is a FREE work from home business education program.

It provides you with all the necessary information and training that you’ll need to work towards success in the online internet marketing industry and also provides you the platform from which to earn money.

If you’ve landed on this page, you’re most likely looking for an opportunity that’ll help you make money by building a successful on-line business that won’t cost you a fortune to participate in, am I right?

Wealthyaffiliate.com is an established Online Company founded by Kyle and Carson and has been paying out to affiliates since 2005. Both Kyle and Carson, pictured below with their families are currently editors, moderators and tutors at Wealthy Affiliate program.

Bold Marketeer works closely with Wealthy Affiliate in providing like-minded individuals the necessary tools and training to market any kind of product or service on-line…and we offer all basic services FOR FREE

Wealthy Affiliate is FREE to join 

WAleftOnce a member you’ll have access to valuable information on how to set up an on-line business system with the aim of either producing additional income streams or actually matching/replacing your current career income.

If you’re already making some progress on-line, but need more skills and training to add value to your on-line experience, then this overview will help you as well.

I receive many inquiries from people asking me how they can earn money on-line.

I’m a proud member of Wealthy Affiliate and from all the programs, business opportunities and membership sites that I’ve joined over the years, this one I’ve decided to remain a member of due to the fact that they are legitimately and genuinely interested in helping people.

I’m always on the look out for online opportunities that will not only help me but also which I can recommend.


Wealthy Affiliate Money

Let’s face it, the majority of people who are searching the keywords “Make money on-line” possibly yourself included are desperately seeking an opportunity but without the start up money. I’ve done this on many occasions myself in the past.

This might relate to you or not, but the majority of beginners want to earn money on-line because yes, obviously they don’t have much or in some instances don’t have any income at all.

Sadly, scammer’s don’t care about you or the fact that you may have a financial crisis on your hands, all they’re doing is looking after their own interests which is to part you from the little money that you do have and can ill afford to loose. You may be asking yourself is this is a scam? I can categorically tell you that it’s legit!

Wealthy Affiliate - The Present Moment So how many products or memberships do you need to buy in order to get the correct one?

When I go shopping for a new gadget like a laptop or phone, I’ll always try it out before I buy. I explore the functions and the feel of the device and I’m sure that I’m not the only one that tests out products before purchasing them. If you’re buying a business, would you just pay for it without knowing what it’s all about or if indeed it is right for you?

scamObviously not, so why do people ask us to do it on-line?
The answer is simple, because most of these systems have little or no value or long term worth, in fact I would go as far as to say that they’re probably worthless. If they gave you a look inside…the chances are you wouldn’t buy. In the majority of these quick rich schemes and on-line opportunities….you get to see the shiny exterior and the promises of success…but it’s not until you get it home and start using it that you realise that you’ve been deceived and the shinny product is just plain empty!


Wealthy Affiliate is my personal choice and my

#1 recommendation for this exact reason;

You’ll be able to JOIN FOR FREE without entering any credit card details at all, and yes you can have a website up and earn from it if you are willing to take the program seriously and take action on the lessons.

Wealthy Affiliate Kyle and CarsonKyle and Carson the owners of WA created this membership community to provide training and help for those who didn’t have much to spend!

Now the major question will be; How is it that some make money on-line while a massive percentage fail in getting success and how will Wealthy Affiliate help you?


The answer is simple and not as complicated as you might think; those who build success always have 3 things in common:

Wealthy Affiliate Education PlatformThey have the right support system – Let’s face it, although the on-line industry is busy 24/7 and social media seems to be all around us, the real honest truth is that at the end of the day, we’re alone in front of our computer…right?

There’s nothing as frustrating as when your only friend is Google itself and you’re dependent on your browser for help or even worse, when support systems have you waiting for days before they answer your questions. Wealthy Affiliate has a live community with members always willing to help out in the chat room, forum or via discussions. I have actually made some lifelong friends while making enquiries via the forum!

Wealthy Affiliate Online UniversityThey have their own website – The biggest lie online is the fake promise advising that you don’t need a website to build success, because all they’re doing is trying to keep your mind focused on buying their worthless product. If you want sales you’ll need traffic and without a blog or site there will be NO TRAFFIC! Wealthy Affiliate has done a fantastic job in helping members to set up their own sites fully inclusive of all training required.

Wealthy Affiliate CommunityThey know how to act on their training and knowledge – The plain truth is..you can have the best training program in the whole wide world and heaps of knowledge, but if you don’t know how to implement it or act upon it it’ill be useless to you.

Wealthy Affiliate helps their members to act upon the knowledge and skills that they’ve acquired. Within each lesson there are tasks to complete which motivates members to move forward.

So is Wealthy Affiliate a good way to learn how to make money online?

YES. You’ll learn the important stuff like how to drive traffic to your site, content writing, sales copy and how to rank in search engines.

While there’s no best way to make money online, Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with a lot of “no fuss” training and solid peer support to help you get started. After that, it’s up to you to keep working hard towards your goals.

So if you’re a beginner looking to get started, Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start your journey, especially since web hosting is included in your membership for Free!


That’s why I wholly recommend giving Wealthy Affiliate a try…

Leave the past behind you…

Make a new start today!


Thanks for reading, be spontaneous and take action today…

A New Opportunity…A Fresh Start!