Wealthy Affiliate is a real digital lifestyle community, the best and most genuine community that I’ve ever come across on the web to date. It offers a vast on-line training archive and international network of trainers and mentors who deliver ongoing training. It also provides a comprehensive technical tool set allowing you to create landing pages, WordPress sites, automated follow-ups and much more in an easy to configure way.



Members have access to:

  • Hundreds of hours of video training content on every topic from mindset, tools, advertising methods, affiliate products, automating follow-up, split testing, etc etc etc…
  • Downloadable PDF’s and other resources
  • Software and digital tools needed to build and run your online marketing business
  • Regular on-line training sessions
  • Peer mentoring

Now for some hard truth. I’ve over 15+ years experience in on-line marketing but I still chose to undertake every bit of training offered in the community and I can recommend it 100%.

Why? simply because technology is continually changing, always evolving so what was working last year and making a marketer lots of money can of course change overnight.

That’s why we must always keep an eye on our business and ensure our continued success by keeping abreast with the technology, the environment and most importantly our market! This is what’s so different about Wealthy Affiliate as you’re assured that the very latest marketing strategies are always being offered to keep us at the cutting edge!

Now for some honest no BS chat. Of course some members sign-up to the community and then dropout. They may feel disappointed and a little sorry for themselves. It’s my experience this’ll typically occur because the candidate is either too lazy to really put in the time to obtain the right education whilst investing the right amount into their marketing OR they are looking for some magic ‘get rich quick scheme”.

If you’re not prepared to invest the time and a little money into your ‘business’, then this opportunity is most definitely not for you. A true entrepreneur possesses a determined tenacity, self awareness and of course..we are risk takers..because we are in turn ACTION TAKERS. I think it was Tony Robbins who once said, “…a belief is a poor substitute for an experience”, profound and so so true!  If we’re unwilling to invest our time to master the tools of our trade and a little money into our marketing for fear of failure…then we’ve failed before we’ve even started.

Now if that is you, and it’s very important that you’re totally honest with yourself, then I’d highly recommend that you take some time out to re-examine your own qualities and personal goals before going any further.

BUT, if you’re prepared to invest the necessary time into your education, mastering some of the tools and techniques, AND realise that your education, your tools and your marketing budget are going to cost you a little money, then this opportunity should be seriously considered 🙂

The truth is I passionately want to see success for all my members…and so long as you are honest with me and willing to invest 100% into your education & training, work to the provided plan, be consistent in your efforts,  be bold, honest and true in your approach, then I’ll give you my word that I’ll do my very best to pass on my knowledge, experience and support to help you in your journey….and you will have the very real opportunity to reach your highest potential whilst securing real Choice and Freedom to really start to live a different kind of Life 🙂



“Let Us Help You Set Up And Build A Profitable On-line Business Today!”