We See It Too Late – Natalie Imbruglia On Overcoming Fame and Attachment

A captivating and insightful interview by singer and actor Natalie Imbruglia on overcoming fame and attachment.
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We recently had the opportunity to interview Natalie Imbruglia! Natalie is an Australian-British singer-songwriter and actor, best known for her global chart-topping cover of Ednaswap's song "Torn". The interview was incredible and we're extremely excited to share it with you, we hope you enjoy it!

"I know my music probably isn't going to matter to the public after I die, but that doesn't mean I don't have something to offer."
- Natalie Imbruglia (1975)

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Natalie Imbruglia

Natalie's new album FIREBIRD is OUT NOW! Click this link to stream it everywhere: https://bit.ly/NatalieImbrugliaFirebird

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►Interviewed by: Tyler Waye

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