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Jamie Wheal is the Executive Director of The Flow Genome Project and a leading expert in the neurophysiology of human performance. His work combines a background in expeditionary education, wilderness medicine, and surf rescue, with over a decade of advising high-growth companies on strategy, execution, and leadership. Jamie’s coaching ranges from Fortune 500 companies like Cisco, Google, and Nike, to the U.S. Naval War College, and Red Bull. Since founding the organization in 2011, it has gone on to become a leading voice of evidence-based peak performance, counting award-winning academics, legendary professional athletes, special operations commanders, and Fortune 500 business leaders among the hundreds of thousands of people in its global community.

You’ll find Jamie speaking on the intersection of science and human potential to diverse, high-performance communities like Young President’s Organization, Summit Series, TED, and MaiTai Global. At the Flow Genome Project, he leads a team of the world’s top scientists, athletes, and artists dedicated to mapping the genome of the peak-performance state known as Flow. He lives on the Colorado River with his wife Julie, their two kids Lucas and Emma, and a righteous Golden Retriever named Cassie.

Jamie Wheal is the co-author of the global bestseller and Pulitzer Prize-nominated Stealing Fire: How Silicon Valley, Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists Are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work. His upcoming book Recapture the Rapture: Rethinking God, Sex and Death in a World That’s Lost Its Mind is set to release in Spring 2021 with Harper Collins.

In his career so far, Jamie has advised everyone from the U.S. Naval War College and Special Operations Command, the athletes of Red Bull to the executives of Google, Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, Cisco, and Young Presidents’ Organization.

His work and ideas have been covered in The New York Times, Financial Times, Wired, Entrepreneur, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, INC, and TEDx. He has spoken at Stanford, MIT, the Harvard Club, Imperial College, Sandhurst Royal Military Academy, the Bohemian Club, the United Nations, Singularity University, and Summit Series.

It was truly an honor to have him on The School of Greatness, and our conversion was so powerful that I had to split it into two parts! Make sure you listen to Part 1, where Jamie and I talk about how we can thrive and find meaning in a world of chaos.

But for now, join me on Episode 1,100 to learn how to heal your past and discover your full potential with Jamie Wheal!

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