Transforming Your Life through Conscious Habits and Decision-Making

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In this talk, Kristina challenges the idea that our big life decisions shape our life, arguing that our lives are actually made up of micro-decisions we make every day.

She discusses decision fatigue and how autopilot can lead us down a path that no longer serves us. She encourages the audience to train their awareness as a superpower to avoid running into a dead end without realizing it.

Kristina is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, mother, philanthropist, everyday-life philosopher, and a woman on her own journey of spiritual growth.

She is also the co-founder of Mindvalley, a global school that delivers transformational education for all ages, as well as Mindvalley Russian, its Russian-speaking vertical.

Kristina has been engaged in the personal transformation industry for over 15 years, collaborating and playing with leading thinkers and teachers. As a speaker, she has shared the stage with household names such as Lisa Nichols, Shefali Tsabary, Marisa Peer, and Jay Shetty.

Throughout her journey, she’s been fortunate to acquire the tools and systems to help make authenticity the heart of her life.

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