“This Is The Most Important Sentence You’ll Ever Write” with Copywriter Cole Schafer

Does your writing inspire people to take action? Cole Schafer, creative copywriter and founder of Honey Copy, shares his secrets to hook your audience, hold their attention, and get results. You’ll learn the 20% rule to writing world-class headlines, a pain/pleasure exercise to pinpoint exactly what motivates your audience, plus examples of history’s greatest first sentences. If you’re ready for more clicks, shares, and SALES, watch this episode — and take notes!

Cole Schafer didn’t start out as a copywriting legend. He quit his job in advertising to earn minimum wage installing carpets while listening to business podcasts on the job. After a year ripping up pee-stained carpets by day and writing by night, Cole launched Honey Copy and began copywriting full time. Besides writing for major brands, Cole moonlights as a poet, with two published books and a third on the way.

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