These Founders Started Their Company With a $300 Investment. They’ve Now Done $1 Million in Profits

This week's episode of Elevator Pitch features female founders from the travel, beauty, and fashion industries. Each pitch offers something new and intriguing: One startup founder claims a valuation upward of $20 million, another boasts $5 million in sales and another uses an "off the cuff" style that she believes provides a more genuine pitch. But will those big numbers and surprising styles be enough to overcome their companies' weak points, like an overcrowded marketplace or an untested product? 

Our investors for this episode — serial entrepreneur Dre London, angel investor Kim Perrell and Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph — put this group of entrepreneurs through the paces to determine which business will likely be printing money, and which will likely be a money pit. Watch the full episode to find out who wins an investment ... and who gets sent packing.

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