The Importance of Kissing

Regularly exchanging a kiss with one's partner may seem a trivial matter, but in truth, it creates a vital point of connection which might help to save a relationship over the long term. We should take our kisses seriously.
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“One of the constantly surprising aspects of relationships is just how much reassurance we need to believe that we are actively wanted – and, equally, how easy it is to forget this awkward fact both about ourselves and the other person.

The standard narrative of love tells us that insecurity about being wanted is going to be at its height at the start of the dating period, when we are acutely – and rather sweetly – conscious of the many ways in which our partner might not be keen on taking things further. But, we assume, once a relationship has started, once there might be children, a home and an established pattern of life, then surely the fear of being unwanted should disappear...”


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