The 5 SECRET Habits Of The ULTRA SUCCESSFUL | Dean Graziosi & Lewis Howes

Dean is an author, investor, entrepreneur, podcast host, and trainer. He is a New York Times best-selling author who built a multi-million dollar real estate business from the ground up. Over the span of Dean’s career, he has started or has been involved in 13+ companies that have changed lives all around the world.

Not only is he a businessman, but he’s a gifted teacher as well. Dean is committed to sharing his “Success Habits” that he’s learned over his expansive career. His book Millionaire Success Habits has sold millions of copies, and his podcast, The Dean Graziosi Show, offers advice for those looking to learn strategies to take their life, business, and success to the next level.

I met Dean about six years ago at Josh Bezoni’s Mastermind in Austin, Texas –– but I had seen him on TV late at night when I was in my dark period — broken, depressed, and trying to figure out what to do with my life. The man I saw on TV came from humble beginnings but had achieved amazing success. It wasn’t an easy road to get there. Dean is very open about some of the struggles he faced early in life.

“I lived in a trailer park. I was homeless with my dad for a year. We lived in a bathroom. I went through that. I didn’t go to school past high school. I had dyslexia, all this stuff that a lot of us have gone through.” – Dean Graziosi

How did he go from being a homeless man to a millionaire? It started with Dean making a radical shift in mindset.

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