The 4 pillars to a fast-growing company culture | Cameron Herold

Building a great company culture isn't about free lunches, massages, or vouchers. In this video, Cameron Herold shares the 4 key things that build a fast-growing company culture. Watch the full talk here for free 👉

About Cameron Herold:

Cameron Herold is the founder of COO Network and Second-in-Command podcast, and a highly sought-after business growth consultant responsible for the exponential growth of hundreds of companies.

Cameron is a lifelong entrepreneur with an uncanny gift for growth and expansion. At the age of 21, he had 14 employees. By the age of 42, he was managing 3,100+, with nine figures in annual revenue.

Today he shares his breakthrough methods on global stages, in bestselling books, and in private coaching circles with the world’s leading CEOs and COOs.

Cameron’s Vivid Vision® program with Mindvalley is a rare opportunity for entrepreneurs of all levels to gain one of his most acclaimed methodologies for envisioning and achieving extraordinary growth and impact: in business and in life.

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