The 3 Principles Of Radical Business Creativity | Gabor George Burt

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A creative leader has the ability to inspire and challenge people to come up with more and more innovative solutions 💭. It's a superpower that IBM proved to be the most important leadership traits for overall success after surveying 1,500 CEOs worldwide.

This relevance urged us to bring a world leader in creative transformation, recognized among the top 13 future-shaping innovation visionaries: Gabor George Burt.

In this video, Burt and Vishen talk about how to bring humor into your marketing campaign, the principles to apply radical creativity to your business, and the definitions of the Blue Ocean Strategy and innovation shortcuts 🧐. They'll also lead you through the ''Slingshot Framework,'' taken from Burt's critically-acclaimed book "Slingshot." 📕

Get ready to reshape the future of your company, breakthrough boundaries that bring the risk of marginalization, and learn how to broaden consumer relevance and growth for your company 🚀.

About Gabor George Burt

Gabor George Burt is the global authority on re-imagining boundaries and author of the book Slingshot. A mastermind of innovation, creativity, and strategy, Gabor enables individuals and organizations to overstep perceived limitations and to carve out successful growth strategies. His Slingshot Framework is at the forefront of global innovation.

Gabor is part of the Top Visionaries list. Among numerous prominent appearances, he gave the opening presentation at the World Marketing Forum and was the architect and host of the Forum for Partnership in the Americas – a gathering of business and government leaders. In media, he hosts a national radio series in the U.S., writes articles for leading business publications, and is interviewed on major television, radio, and newspaper networks.

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