The #1 Thing That BLOCKS Your Creativity (AVOID This At All Costs!)

Feeling creatively drained? Worried you’ll never have enough time, energy, or focus to accomplish your big goals? In this #MarieTV, I share my top 3 –– scientifically backed –– tips to tap into your creative flow state even when you're stressed or distracted. (I do #1 every single day!) Plus, I bust some major myths about productivity that keep most people stuck in overwhelm wondering why they’re dreams still feel so far away.

Watch now and discover:

00:00 — 3 habits of highly creative people.
2:08 — How to identify your unique creativity window.
3:59 — The #1 creativity killer, plus how to unblock yourself.
6:05 — Why I workout everyday (It has nothing to do with fitness).
10:18 — Why top performers lose their mojo — & how to get it back.
12:20 — The productivity LIE that keeps you exhausted & underperforming.

If you’re tired of being exhausted and working non-stop with nothing to show for it, listen up. There’s an alternative reality — where you can 10X you results in a fraction of the time. Learn my science-backed system for joyful productivity and a better, happier life —

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