Tapping into Your Inner Confidence to Achieve Your Goals | Florencia Andres

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"We were all born with the inner flame of confidence."

Florencia Andres is an elite expert on confidence and motivation. In this video filmed at A-Fest 2022, she takes the audience through an incredible journey to the vast impact that self-confidence can have on our relationships and life.

Highlights include:

✅ Why we were all born with total self-confidence and how adulthood gradually takes that away from us

✅The story of how Florencia coached one of her high-tier clients to an unprecedented victory through the power of confidence

✅How this one thing can instantly shift somebody from a skeptical and low-energy state to a more positive and transformative direction

✅Florencia's journey to selling 500,000 copies of her book and becoming the first woman ever to receive the Golden Book Award

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In 2020, Florencia Andres and her mother Veronica became the first authors to host a Mindvalley Quest in their native Spanish, the quest ‘Confianza Total’ is now available for all Mindvalley Members.

Together with her mother, Florencia has published four books, all of which became bestsellers. They are Confianza Total, Todo es Posible, Confianza Total Para tus Hijos, and Renuévat have sold over half a million copies, leading to the pair becoming the first women in 40 years to win the “Gold Book Award.”

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