Take Control of Your Mind & Manifest Your Dreams | Dr Joe Dispenza and Marie Forleo

If you really are the creator of your own reality… then HOW do you do it? How do you actually transform your body, health, mental well-being, relationships, and everything else, too? That's the question Dr Joe Dispenza has devoted his entire career to answering.

In this #MarieTV, I take you behind the scenes of a private event where I interviewed my friend, mentor, and relentless researcher Dr Joe Dispenza about the mind-body connection. Most importantly, we discuss how YOU can take control of your mind and manifest your dreams.

Ready to create the life you want? Click play now or jump to these highlights:

5:30 — The “dark night of the soul” that changed everything.
10:35 — Why change is so hard — and make it stick.
20:36 — How to handle the critics in your life and career.
26:35 — The highest form of motivation. Harness this for lifelong momentum.
39:20 — How to overcome “I don’t feel like it” thinking.
47:03 — The balance between life responsibilities and creativity.
49:08 — The KEY to creating your own reality. (Hint: it’s already in your power.)

Whether your goal is to overcome physical or emotional challenges or simply to unlock your full potential as a human being, don’t miss this conversation with Dr Joe Dispenza.

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