SURVIVE & THRIVE! Siri Lindley on Finding A Way

Join Sage Robbins and Mary B. as they sit down for a candid conversation with their dear friend Siri Lindley – author of the new book "Finding a Way: Taking the Impossible and Making it Possible." (And don’t miss a special guest appearance by Tony Robbins, who wrote the foreword to Siri’s new book!)

During her professional career, Siri dominated the International Triathlon Union World Rankings. As the world’s former #1 ranked triathlete and one of the most popular and trusted coaches in the business, Siri Lindley knows what it's like to achieve the impossible – even against all odds. In fact, despite being diagnosed with a rare – and often fatal – form of acute myeloid leukemia in 2019, and being told by her doctors that she had a 5% chance of living, Siri overcame the disease that gifted her a powerful new outlook on life. In the same way she took on challenges she’s faced in her storied athletic career, Siri not only survived – she thrived.

Siri's life-giving guide "Finding a Way," empowers readers who feel stuck or crippled by anxiety, depression, divorce, obsessive-compulsive disorder, cancer, and the myriad of challenges we face in this human experience. Within this generous book, Siri shares fear-shattering strategies for changing the thoughts, habits, beliefs, and behaviors that hold people back and helps YOU navigate your own struggles, and triumph over any adversity. "Finding a Way" will show you how to rewrite the life story that’s keeping you from what you really want and bring forth your true identity.


00:00 Sage & Mary B. intro their dear friend

02:10 What matters most

03:02 The three most important questions

04:12 Facing death and finding purpose

06:16 Vulnerability can powerfully inspire

07:44 Show others they’re not alone

09:09 Why faith makes a difference

13:55 Siri on her crucial conversation w/ Sage

16:20 Honoring the self

18:33 Taking a sacred pause

20:51 Discovering love at your lowest

23:29 Siri on not accepting the end

24:09 A book for anyone at a loss

28:44 Identity shift and others perceptions

29:35 Love shared with wife Rebekah

34:22 You are more than a label

35:49 Taking on the impossible

39:31 Tony stops by and sends his love

41:16 Sage signs off


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