Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton on Coming Back from a Shark Attack

Have you ever been knocked down by a “big wave” in your life? Bethany Hamilton is here to show you how to face your fears, overcome adversity, and come back stronger than ever. Don’t be fooled — this surfer has had her fair share of challenges. But she never let them stop her. After losing her arm to a tiger shark at just 13 years old, Bethany went on to become a professional surfer, winning a national title only two years later. In this MarieTV interview, she shares how to deal with unexpected loss, why “working harder” won’t solve your problems, and the secret to physical and mental resilience.

Bethany is a modern role model. Her story has inspired millions through the film “Soul Surfer,” her book “Body and Soul: A Girl's Guide to a Fit, Fun and Fabulous Life,” and her award-winning documentary “Unstoppable.” From chasing big waves to chasing her kids, Bethany continues to take on new challenges and show us how to live an unstoppable life.

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