Checklist 3.1: Social Media Hacks

Add some of these sneaky little hacks social media hacks into your content to get lots more people liking, commenting on and sharing your posts.

Checklist 3.2: Social Media Branding

It's vital to ensure that you spend time on your branding before you start creating your social media accounts! Not doing this right could lead to hours and hours of wasted time later on.

Checklist 3.3: Gmail & Google Account

You will need to create a Gmail account before you can create some of your other social media accounts and it's important you do this if you want to monetise your content.

Checklist 3.4: Google Places

If you have an offline business or you want people to be able to find you then you should add your business to Google maps so people can locate you and get directions to where you are.

Checklist 3.5: Engaging content

The key to successful social media marketing is to create content that grabs people's attention and generates lots of interaction and engagement and attracts more followers.

Checklist 3.6: Posting Schedule

Posting your content at the wrong times or days of the week or posting content too little or too often can destroy your efforts and morale so make sure your content is posted at optimum times.

Checklist 3.7: Google+ Setup

Set up your Google+ account the right way and you could be seeing better results in Google search results and YouTube.

Checklist 3.8: YouTube Setup

If you want to rank your videos higher in YouTube search results and monetise your videos you'll need to set up and optimise your YouTube Channel.

Checklist 3.9: Facebook Setup

You'll need to set up your Facebook profile, pages or groups the right way if you want to get found easier on Facebook and gain more fans and followers.

Checklist 3.10: Instagram Setup

Don't just set up your Instagram page like everyone else, you want to really stand out drive more traffic to your blog, website, other social media pages or any other link you like.

Checklist 3.11: Twitter Setup

Create a Twitter page that looks great and attracts the kind of followers you want to connect with so you get more eyes on your Tweets.

Checklist 3.12: Pinterest Setup

Set up a personal or business account and make sure you see all of the most popular content on topics you're most interested in so you can find your perfect customers.

Checklist 3.13: Reddit Setup

If you're not using Reddit then you could be missing out on a huge amount of free online traffic being driven to any link you like.

Checklist 3.14: Google+ Content Creation

You can share your content on Google+ in many different form and you could see some amazing results on your videos if you use all of the features Google+ offers you.

Checklist 3.15: Youtube Content Creation

If you want more video views, comments and subscribers that lead to more money from your YouTube videos then you'll need to organise and optimise these different types of videos on your channel.

Checklist 3.16: Facebook Content Creation

Don't waste your time on Facebook, make sure that every post you make gets the attention it deserves by creating awesome graphics and force people to interact with your posts.

Checklist 3.17: Instagram Content Creation

Create amazing images with attention grabbing headlines, cool filters and a few other cool effects and get your photos in front of the right people at the right times.

Checklist 3.18: Twitter Content Creation

To get comments and retweets you need your Tweets to really stand out from all the rest, these steps will have you creating real eye-catching highly engaging Tweets in no time.

Checklist 3.19: Pinterest Content Creation

Pinterest is all about satisfying the eye with stunning images and professional graphics as well as providing value with your pins that connect with your audience and lead them to any webpage you choose.

Checklist 3.20: Reddit Content Creation

Share great content on Reddit and you'll be rewarded with tons of upvotes and free viral traffic to any link you want people to click on and go check out your webpage or offers.

Checklist 3.21: Connect On Google

Organise and categorise your content and followers so that it's easier for you to share your posts with the right people and generate lots of traffic from tapping into active communities.

Checklist 3.22: Connect On YouTube

YouTube isn't just a site to upload videos to...it's actually one of the best social media platforms for really connecting with your audience and building your reputation.

Checklist 3.23: Connect On Facebook

The key to getting more engagement on your Facebook posts is to find and connect with your perfect target market and create highly engaging posts by following these steps.

Checklist 3.24: Connect On Instagram

The fastest way to gain thousands of active followers on Instagram is to share amazing photos and awesome eye-catching graphics and use hashtags and more to get them in front of the right people.

Checklist 3.25: Connect On Twitter

Twitter can either be an amazing source of free traffic from thousands of interactive followers who love retweeting your tweets or it can seem like a ghost town whenever you tweet! If you want engagement follow these steps.

Checklist 3.26: Connect On Reddit

Reddit is packed with people up voting and down voting tons of posts in your niche, all of these voters are there ready and waiting for you to connect with them.

Checklist 3.27: Marketing on Social Media

Ok, I'm guessing you don't want to spend all your time on social media just for fun right? You want to spend less time on it, get more leads and make more money! If you do your marketing the right way then you will.

Checklist 3.28: List Building on Social Media

Don't spend your time creating content and sharing value on social media for nothing! Turn your followers into leads and build a huge email list of subscribers who love receiving emails from you.

Checklist 3.29: Online Advertising

One of the fastest ways to drive tons of traffic to build your list, gain followers, promote affiliate offers, sell your own products and much more...is through highly targeted social media paid advertising.

Checklist 3.30: Offline Advertising

Advertising your business, products, services or events offline is still a very powerful advertising method and you can quickly and easily create a whole range of offline marketing materials.