Seth Godin’s Guide to Finding Meaning and Purpose at Work

Seth Godin says, "If you've been paying any attention at all, you already know that work isn't working.”

Since the pandemic and the Great Resignation, productivity has plummeted to a 70-year low. Plus, the rise of AI is about to disrupt the workplace in a huge way. But what if — in the midst of all this change and chaos — you could create the BEST JOB EVER!? (No joke!)

In today’s MarieTV, Seth Godin shares the key to future-proof your career and find meaning and significance at work.

Seth Godin has authored 21 books that have been bestsellers around the world. He’s given five featured TED talks, created a worldwide online learning platform that's been used by students in 90 countries, and founded one of the first internet companies. His latest book, “The Song of Significance: A New Manifesto for Teams” is a must-read!

If you yearn to do work that actually matters in this world, watch now or jump to these highlights:

4:58 — The 4 universal characteristics of a dream job.
8:51 — Want your organization to thrive? Ask yourself this question NOW.
14:21 — What “The Carbon Almanac” can teach us about high standards and leadership.
17:50 — 2 simple exercises to stack the odds of success *dramatically* in your favor.
21:45 — Kinko's Vs. Sleepy’s: The key habit that determines your success or failure.
24:43 — What humans can do better than any robot.
28:43 — How to future-proof your career in the age of AI
40:32 — The first step to finding fulfillment in your work.

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