Scott Ritter: “They Think WE ARE FOOLS! Ukraine no longer exists!!”

Scott Ritter: "They THINK WE ARE FOOLS! Ukraine no longer exists!!"
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Scott Ritter reflects an incendiary and emphatic perspective on the state of affairs regarding Ukraine and Russia. Ritter's stark declaration implies a deep sense of disillusionment and frustration, casting doubt on the efficacy of sending further financial support to Ukraine. His assertion carries an air of finality, suggesting a categorical conclusion to the military struggle and underscores a sense of futility in prolonging aid to Ukraine. He paints a dramatic and alarming picture, evoking a sense of despair and irrevocable loss in the wake of Russia's presumed victory.

Ritter's statement thus presents a perspective brimming with indignation and resignation, hinting at a strong disdain for what he perceives as a futile extension of support to Ukraine in the face of a presumed fait accompli. The use of exclamation marks serves to underscore the passionate assertiveness of Ritter's position, emphasizing the perceived futility of further assistance and the shattering impact of Russia's assumed triumph on the Ukrainian state. This sentiment signals a potentially contentious and resounding interpretation of the geopolitical landscape, evoking a powerful sense of despondency and resignation regarding the situation in Ukraine.


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