Resurrecting and Empowering the Artisans of Afghanistan

Resurrecting and Empowering the Artisans of Afghanistan - A Conversation with Zarif founders, Gabriella Wright from @TheChopraFoundation and Deepak Chopra.

Zarif Design was founded in 2005 as an economic and cultural entity of hope and peace.

ZD empowers Afghan weavers, embroiderers and tailors towards economic sustainability through their use of traditional skills and materials. Zarif’s workshops create a safe environment where women and men work. The group of dedicated artisans have used their talents to promote the beauty and positive image of a country usually depicted for its violence and misery. Thus, dignity, confidence and cultural identity thrive.

Zarif persisted through 16 years of conflicts and instability. As a social enterprise, it has never missed a month of payment for its team. Social and cultural goals were met by organizing events and sales, both locally and internationally, with the generous support of volunteers.

It’s time for us to connect with each other, locally and globally. We hope you can join us and support Zarif, a company that combines both art and culture in their clothing, a design studio that has consistently produced a positive message out of a troubled part of the world.

Your support to Zarif Design enables us to shape a positive future together and keep our talented team out of poverty. Allow these hardworking women and men a chance to keep honing their craft and furthering their message of hope and health in these difficult times.

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