Putin’s Next Move will Shock The West! This is Ukraine’s Worse Nightmare!

Putin Next Move will Shock The West! This is Ukraine's Worse Nightmare!
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The border regions of Russia have been consistently targeted by a series of disruptive and dangerous incidents, including frequent drone and missile attacks, as well as shelling perpetrated by the Ukrainian military. This unsettling situation has unfolded against the backdrop of the ongoing conflict between Kiev and Moscow, exacerbating tensions in the region.

These attacks have not only heightened the risks for the local population. But also raised international concerns about the potential spillover of the conflict and its impact on regional stability. The conflict between Kiev and Moscow reached a grim milestone on December 30th, with one of the deadliest attacks targeting the Russian border city of Belgorod.

In a shocking escalation, Kiev's forces launched a devastating assault using multiple rocket launchers, including the formidable RM 70 Vampire, an upgraded and heavier version of the Soviet BM 21 Grad system. The fact that the RM 70 Vampire was used, which is renowned for its long range and deadly power, highlighted how serious the attack was.

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