Psi Wars: TED, Wikipedia and the Battle for the InternetParapsychology: Dominant Human Potential

The Controversy around Psychic Phenomena and Why Paranormal is Normal

Craig Weiler is a parapsychology journalist, speaker and hosted the popular blog “The Weiler Psi” for many years on the science of parapsychology, the skepticism and the psychics. A graduate of U.C. Berkeley, Craig runs a small successful construction business. He is currently the administrator for a space on Quora which shares information on parapsychology.

Craig has had an eclectic mix of interests over the years including acting, filmmaking, painting and writing and also built his own house.

Craig began his spiritual path during the New Age movement, teaching and practicing psychic healing, but found that it wasn’t a good enough business. He does not follow any particular teachings, rather he explores a very westernized mixture of science and spirituality. He lives on the San Francisco Peninsula with his wife and too many cats.

Book: Psi Wars: Ted, Wikipedia, and the Battle for the Internet


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