Growing up, we had a saying, "real recognize real." Which means you can't fake who you are with me. I am you, and that knowledge of our sameness clues me in on how you'll react in similar spaces because, as I said, real recognize real.

On everything, Jeremy Anderson is the real deal, Holyfield. I've known Jeremy for 30 years, and in that time, he has proven himself not just to be a capable friend, husband, father, and businessman. He has earned the baton for this next leg of the race. Jeremy is a passionate and gifted orator, author, and serial entrepreneur who has worked tirelessly to achieve his success.

In all my experiences, I can only lay my hands on a handful of genuinely, naturally gifted, "no-steroids" cats within my core and inner circle. So, believe me when I tell you Jeremy Anderson and his #NextLevelLiving brand are the truth.

You've trusted me with your teams, high-profile players, executives, and the successes of your companies. I've proven that my words translate to bigger and better bottom lines. I'm telling you there's no better professional for your team, industry, business, or students than Jeremy Anderson. I trust Jeremy with my business. I trust Jeremy with my clients, and I trust Jeremy with you. Real Recognize Real, and Jeremy is as real as it gets. Now you know, let’s grow!

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