Overcome Perfectionism w/ This Simple & Memorable Mantra (Courtesy of Team Forleo)

Trying to get everything perfect and feel completely overwhelmed? We’ve all been there. In this clip with Team Forleo, you’ll learn a simple 4-word mantra that will help you overcome perfectionism the second it threatens to strike.

As creatives and multipassionate entrepreneurs, it’s natural to want to get everything JUST right before you put it out into the world — but this kind of perfectionistic thinking will stifle your creativity. Next time you find yourself freaking out because you’ve got 50 million things to do, steal this memorable mantra from our friend Zach so you can shift your focus back to progress, not perfection. #MarieTVLive #MarieTVClips

Want more great advice just like this? Watch the full MarieTV Live Call-In episode here: https://youtu.be/P5xOBfT9P3M

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