Checklist 7.1: Website And Domain Setup Checklist

Newbie of the Internet? Worry no more because this checklist will easily help you started on the website and domain setup part of the business.

Checklist 7.2: Business Branding Setup Checklist

Branding is one of the most important aspects of business. To help you stay ahead, I have included this checklist for you.

Checklist 7.3: WordPress Setup Checklist

Using WordPress is a “newbie-friendly” tool to get your visibility online started. Setting it up vs other methods of site building is easier than taking a lollipop from a baby.

Checklist 7.4: Email Marketing Setup Checklist

Setting up an Email Marketing campaign just got easier for you. With this checklist, you can choose from Aweber or Active Campaign depending on your preference.

Checklist 7.5: Landing Page Checklist

In order to have effective lead generation and sales funnel, you need to setup your own landing page. This checklist breaks down everything you need to do to get started easily, and fast.

Checklist 7.6: Thank You Page Setup Checklist

High converting and engaging thank you pages can be one of the fastest and easiest way to improve your overall marketing and profit. This checklist shows you how set them up fast.

Checklist 7.7: Tracking Setup Checklist

Use this free service to efficiently track your analytics so that you know what is working and what is not.

Checklist 7.8: Social Media Setup Checklist

Almost every business today uses social media as their platform. Learn how to setup and link your social media accounts from start to finish.

Checklist 7.9: Indoctrination Email Series Checklist

The indoctrination email series checklist will turn any new subscriber into a highly engaged loving fan and eager to buy customer in just 7 days.

Checklist 7.10: Re-targeting Setup Checklist

Keep your brand in front of bounced traffic after they leave your website. This checklist helps you choose the best strategy on retargeting ads.

Checklist 7.11: Messenger Chat Checklist

Never get stressed when using Messenger. You don’t have to personally reply to your clients because I will teach you how to set it up like a pro.

Checklist 7.12: Affiliate Network Setup Checklist

You’ll learn the right networks to join, how to get approved to promote any offer and how to plan and execute the perfect affiliate promotion.

Checklist 7.13: Video Hosting Setup Checklist

This checklist provides information on how and where to upload your videos so you can reach a larger network of prospects. How to add subtitles and more.

Checklist 7.14: Content Creation Setup Checklist

Content is still king but daunting for many. Follow these steps and start churning out content faster and easier than ever before. Works for everything from blogs, FB posts to videos.

Checklist 7.15: Advertising Accounts Checklist

Advertisements are the backbone of marketing. Learn how to setup an advertising account to successfully run your ads 24/7.

Checklist 7.16: Marketing Plan Checklist

In order to create a sustainable cash flow, you need to have a working marketing plan. Creating a sound marketing plan just got a whole lot easier with the this checklist.

Checklist 7.17: 30 Day Worksheet Checklist

Carefully check your progress with this checklist so you won’t have to worry about missing a thing. This 30 day checklist guides you on what to do each day so you don’t have to guess anymore.

Checklist 7.18: 90 Day Guaranteed Success Plan

This 90 Day Success Plan helps you stay focused on your goals from start to finish. This longer plan ensures you get further in your online journey.