Mindvalley Summit Day 3 | LIVE

After Mindvalley Summit, few things will make you as fulfilled as seeing other awesome people becoming their best selves 💪. Become a certified Holobody coach and create true health & fitness growth. Sign up here 👉 https://go.mindvalley.com/NcKa6ugr

What's your role in this new world?

🔥 Mindvalley Summit is not a regular online seminar: it’s a life-changing virtual deep dive meticulously engineered to level you up fast, connect you with incredible people, and set you on a lifelong path of growth and transformation. It’s been the biggest personal transformation of the year, some of the sessions available in 6 different languages, and completely FREE. (you’re welcome 😉)

We know that this 3-day boost will change your life, but what if you could give the world the ultimate gift and receive more than you’ve ever imagined in return?

💪 We have a one-of-a-kind opportunity for Mindvalley students who’ve experienced a profound health transformation and are excited by the idea of helping others and for health or fitness professionals looking to grow their businesses and income, attract and retain more loyal clients, and make an even bigger impact on people’s lives ✨.

The world was turned upside down, and the world of health and fitness wasn’t spared. Chronic illnesses have multiplied 😿. Gyms have been forced to close. So people have found better ways to get healthy and in shape 🤸‍♂️. At this very moment, millions are exploring optimal exercise and home-based workouts. They’re trying to navigate the modern landscape of health and nutrition. But there's one thing missing.

People need guidance on their journeys 🏞.

As a result, the demand for a new kind of health coach has now reached a fever pitch 🌡. This also brings about a new kind of challenge: The average coach hasn't been prepared for this crucial paradigm shift. What coaches (and clients) need today is a holistic and adaptable solution that meets the demands of an evolving world 🌍. Harnesses the latest proven science. And delivers breakthrough results by engaging not only the human body - but the mind to create effortless habits people can stick to whether they’re at the gym or home 🏋️‍♂️.

By studying these models, Mindvalley has identified five key areas that require an urgent upgrade. You don’t have to say YES right now. Just place your refundable deposit on this page, begin your Holobody Coaching Certification journey for up to 15 days from the start of the program (on July 5th, 2021), and decide from there if you’d like to continue. If you’re not over the moon with your results, simply give yourself a quick refund. Join now to test drive the Holobody Coaching Certification program 👉 https://go.mindvalley.com/NcKa6ugr

About the Holobody Coaching Certification:

Create Rapid & Permanent Body Transformations: You’ll master powerful mind-body practices that efficiently transform every marker of health and fitness in the human body - from strength and flexibility to gut health and longevity, and much more.
Rewire The Human Mind For Lifelong Health & Fitness: Through advanced habit formation and identity shifting techniques, you’ll be able to dive deep into your clients’ subconscious minds - and reprogram the invisible patterns that sabotage their wellness. The result is a smooth, resistance-free transformation that sticks.
Heal The Body & Reverse Aging: You’ll harness science-based protocols optimized to accelerate healing and recovery while turning back the clock on premature aging - resulting in a body that looks and feels younger than ever.
Personalized Optimal Nutrition: Explore the latest findings in optimal nutrition and gut health to help you discover an individual’s unique dietary needs - and create a personalized nutrition game plan that fits a person’s needs and lifestyle.
Boost Metabolism: Get a step-by-step game plan for increasing a person’s metabolic turnover rate. This helps optimize the body’s internal functions, reverse aging, and raise a person’s overall health baseline while keeping the body in its optimal weight range.
Awaken Peak Productivity & Personal Power: Create quantum leaps in a person’s confidence, self-identity, and effectiveness in their personal and professional lives, as you condition them with a body that rockets them towards their biggest goals and dreams.
Master Industry-Leading Coaching Models & Skills: Discover how to pivot your coaching style to your client's needs by integrating various today’s best coaching models. You’ll emerge from the program knowing exactly which models are aligned with you and your clients so that you can show up as the best coach for them.
Attract & Retain Higher-Level Clients: The most lucrative and rewarding clients are the ones searching for in-depth support from a coach who understands their needs and challenges and is equipped with the tools and strategies to create deeply personalized solutions. You’ll be this kind of coach to these kinds of people.
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