Millionaire Secrets NO ONE Shares! (How To Get RICH And Die with ZERO REGRETS!) | Bill Perkins

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Today Lewis sits down with finance titan and entrepreneur Bill Perkins, delving into the secrets of achieving financial wealth while living a life with zero regrets. Perkins, a renowned figure in the energy trading industry and the author of "Die with Zero," shares his unique insights on balancing wealth accumulation with living life to the fullest. His remarkable journey from a New York City limo driver to a multi-faceted entrepreneur and philanthropist underscores the theme of making strategic life choices for financial and personal fulfillment.

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0:00 Intro
2:52 Millionaire habits that unlock the flow of money
11:09 How money = happiness
21:59 Creating a lasting legacy
26:33 Maximizing money, life fulfillment, and lasting memories
37:09 Why money isn't everything
38:57 Breaking generational conditioning around scarcity
43:51 Believing you're worthy and deserving of money
52:54 The three keys to making more money and maximizing fulfillment

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