Memory Improvement Techniques

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Have you ever forgotten an important client's name? Or lost your train of thought in the middle of a career-defining presentation?

A good memory is a valuable asset. Here are four techniques to strengthen and improve your memory.

1. Images.
Research shows that the brain remembers images better than words. Try visualizing yourself doing a task to help you to remember to do it in the future. Or when you meet someone new, create a mental picture associated with their name.

2. Senses.
Smells, tastes and touch can conjure up strong memories. To remember lists of items such as groceries or materials, imagine how they might feel or smell. This can help your memory to build sensory routes back to the original information.

3. Use Effective Brainstorming Techniques.
Use exciting or humorous language to help you retain information. For example, turning a complicated idea into a funny rhyme can make it more memorable.

4. Patterns.
If you're struggling to remember vast amounts of information, try finding or creating patterns. Mnemonics, rhymes and rhythms are all effective tools to turn complex material into memorable patterns.

With these tried-and-true techniques, you can create rich and reliable memories that last.

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