MASS Impact | Building a LOVE for READING with Students K-12 (Episode 9)

What Up, What Up, What Up!!! It's your boy ET, here with the squad to talk about Katie's FAVORITE topic … Building a LOVE for READING in Students across K-12!

In this episode, ET, Katie, Vondale, and Samantha welcome back a previous guest, Brenda Smith, a current high school principal making a HUGE impact in the area of literacy and beyond.

Through this conversation, they encourage educators to remind students that READING IS FREEDOM and that they have the power to choose how they want to live through reading. There is no doubt about it: Increased reading motivation and skills will open doors, help increase standardized test scores, and create lifelong learners.

Using relevant and appealing text for students is just one way educators can become CHAMPIONS OF LITERACY – spreading the message that READING MATTERS. Get your pen & pad, and get ready for class! Together, we're going to make the rest of your career the best of your career.

When we work together to create readers, we will change the world!

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