Is Your Life Falling Apart!? Watch This Now | Tips for Coping with Loss

Has your life been turned upside down by the end of a relationship, job loss, death of someone you love, a diagnosis, or any other unexpected blow? This episode is a MUST WATCH.

Kris Carr — New York Times bestselling author, cancer thriver, and my best friend — is on #MarieTV today to help you navigate big emotions like grief, rage, fear, and shame. Learn science-backed tips to pick up the pieces of your life and move forward.

Watch now or jump to these highlights:

00:00 — What to do when your life falls apart.
2:55 — Living with incurable stage IV cancer.
5:14 — Avoid this 3-letter word when crisis strikes.
7:52 — Partying on “The Grief Train.”
11:11 — Fear Vs. Anxiety
14:58 — How to instantly soothe your nervous system. (It works!)
16:56 — Stop trying to fix people!
21:39 — The power of acceptance.
23:28 — What is surrender?
28:37 — Making these your “Golden Years.”
38:35 — How to deal with anger, fear, and resentment.
48:32 — How to comfort someone who’s in pain.
53:55 — A conversation with a psychic medium.
57:20 — Kris Carr’s biggest regret in life.
59:29 — How to move on after loss, crisis, or trauma.

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