Is Life Worth Living? (A Life Changing Poem)

Read by John Davies
Alfred Austin was a prolific political writer and poet who succeeded Alfred, Lord Tennyson as poet laureate of England.

Full poem:

IS life worth living?
Yes, so long as there is wrong to right,
Wail of the weak against the strong,
Or tyranny to fight;
Long as there lingers gloom to chase,
Or streaming tear to dry,
One kindred woe, one sorrowing face
That smiles as we draw nigh;
Long as a tale of anguish swells
the heart, and lids grow wet,
And at the sound of Christmas bells
We pardon and forget;
So long as Faith with Freedom reigns,
And loyal Hope survives,
And gracious Charity remains
To leaven lowly lives;
While there is one untrodden tract
For Intellect or Will,
And men are free to think and act
Life is worth living still.

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