Is it Time to Move On? How to Know What’s Next

If you feel exhausted, burnt out, or uninspired, your body is trying to tell you something! But how do you know for sure? Is it time to keep pushing toward your goals — or give up and move on?

In this #MarieTV, you’ll discover the signs it’s time to make a change in your life. Plus, how to tune into the calling of your soul and make space for what’s next.

Watch now or jump to these highlights:

2:05 — The #1 sign it’s time for a change. (Don’t ignore this!!!)
4:16 — How to recover from burnout without quitting everything.
6:18 — The best — & worst — times to make big life decisions.
8:10 — What your body is trying to tell you.
10:20 — 3 ways to make space for the next chapter of your life.
11:10 — How to find joy in the “in-between.”
12:09 — Still confused about what’s next? Do this now.
13:07 — How to honor the calling of your soul.

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