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Is the Stage Effect the secret to fame, recognition, and influence? Join WILDFIT founder, Eric Edmeades, as he shares the evolutionary quirk that makes the Stage Effect an undeniable force in attraction and persuasion.

Learn how to harness and amplify the Stage Effect for maximum impact in your video or live presentations. Whether you're looking to raise funds, win votes, sell a product, or promote a cause, the Stage Effect will set you apart.


✅ Eric Edmeades is an award-winning international entrepreneur, bestselling author, and business mentor.

✅ As an entrepreneur, Eric has created extraordinary success in a diversity of fields – including military R&D, mobile computing, Hollywood special effects, and optimal nutrition through WILDFIT: Mindvalley’s bestselling wellness program that has transformed over 10,000 people worldwide.

✅ In 2018, Eric was awarded a medal by the Speaker of the Canadian Senate for his work in improving the quality of people’s lives.

✅ His achievements have also earned him an award from the Transformational Leadership Council: a panel of 150 of America’s top visionaries in health, wellness, and peak performance.

✅Eric speaks on stages worldwide with luminaries like Sir Richard Branson, Jack Canfield, John Gray, Robin Sharma, and President Bill Clinton on subjects including entrepreneurship and human transformation.

✅Eric’s many specialties include holistic wellness and Behavioral Change Dynamics: a process that harnesses psychology and transformative language patterns to rewire the human mind for peak performance permanently. He also applies this methodology in his business training with founders and entrepreneurs.

✅ Throughout his career, Eric has founded various business mentoring initiatives around the world: including Business Freedom Academy, Success Express Journal, Speaker Nation, young entrepreneur mentoring with the UK’s Prince’s Trust, and See You At The Top: a two-week business intensive that culminated in climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

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