How to take control of your life (in 4 practical steps)

Join Mindvalley University's highly-rated speaker, Florencia Andrés, for an empowering session on realizing your goals and aspirations. Florencia is a peerless mindset coach who will guide you through 4 essential steps to take control of your life. Visit to join.

Discover how to:

✅ Gain 100% clarity on what you truly want
✅ Believe in yourself (even if you've had trouble in the past)
✅ Instantly turn procrastination into motivation,
✅ And persevere in the face of adveristy.

Enjoy this potentially life-changing journey filled with inspiring stories, practical techniques, and interactive participation.

🇪🇸 If you're a Spanish speaker, get ready to unleash your full potential…

Get coached by Florencia Andres ( who has been described as 'the female Tony Robbins') and her mother Veronica in Mindvalley's first-ever fully Spanish Quest – 'Confianza Total' – a 28-day journey that will guide you to the deepest and most positive changes you have ever experienced in your life. Visit to join.

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