How The Comfort Zone Is RUINING Your Life! | Gabby Bernstein

When you choose to see your obstacles as detours in the right direction, you can begin to find a deeper meaning and personal growth amidst the discomfort. Maybe you can connect to a higher purpose, make a real connection to someone or even be set on a path that will change the course of your life in a positive way.

All obstacles that are perceived with love can be transformed into the greatest life lessons.

In this episode of Dear Gabby every single person came onto the show seeking help with what seemed to be an obstacle. After being Dear Gabby’d (coached) by me they walked away seeing their situation through the lens of love. In just a few minutes they experienced a miraculous shift in perception learning the difficult experiences in life actually are our greatest opportunities for growth, strength, and change.

Repeat after me: Obstacles are detours in the right direction…

When we witness an obstacle as a detour in the right direction, we no longer are the victim of our experiences. When we experience our experiences through the lens of possibility we grow, we heal, we change, we pivot. We are often guided into something far greater than what we could ever have imagined.

How different would your life be if you made the commitment to see your obstacles as opportunities? In this episode of Dear Gabby, I will show you how…

You’ll learn:

Tools to break out of your comfort zone and truly thrive in any scenario
How to stop attracting negativity
Ways to change the patterns that keep you from your greatness
How to turn grief into inner strength
A powerful method to elicit self-compassion
How to detach from outcomes and trust the detours.

The experience of witnessing discomfort through the lens of love can be the catalyst for our greatest personal growth, strength, and change.

So no matter what you’re suffering with right now, no matter what obstacle you’re facing, I challenge you today to begin to see the possibility for growth. In what ways can you heal more? In what ways can you grow more? In what ways can you redirect your life towards something that will be more fulfilling and more heart-opening for your soul?

Press play and I will show you how.

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For more than 15 years, Gabby Bernstein has been transforming lives—including her own. The #1 New York Times bestselling author, and Oprah named “New Thought leader” has penned eight books, including The Universe Has Your Back and Super Attractor. She started by hosting intimate conversations with 20 people in her New York City apartment; now Gabby has grown into speaking to tens of thousands in sold-out venues throughout the world.

Gabby was featured on Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday, SuperSoul Sessions, and her SuperSoul Conversations podcast. The Oprah Winfrey Network chose Gabby to be part of the SuperSoul 100, a dynamic group of trailblazers whose vision and life’s work are bringing a higher level of consciousness to the world. The New York Times identified Gabby as “a new role model.” She co-hosted the Guinness World Records’ largest guided meditation with Deepak Chopra, and appears regularly as an expert on Today and Good Morning America, among other media outlets. Gabby connects with her community through her books, her Miracle Membership, the Spirit Junkie app, social media, podcasts, master classes, digital workshops, e-courses, and live events. To learn more and experience it yourself, visit

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