How Lucid Dreaming REALLY Works Part 1/2 | Charlie Morley

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Lucid dreaming with Charlie Morley.

In this conversation, Charlie Morley introduces what lucid dreaming is when lucid dreaming happens during the sleep cycle and the science behind lucid dreams. Charlie Morley is a lucid dreams expert and has been lucid dreaming and teaching others for a long time.

In this video, you’ll discover the power lucid dreaming holds in thought programming, manifestation, and healing trauma. Charlie clearly explains what lucid dreaming looks like and goes into depth at the end of the talk on how to lucid dream for beginners.

In addition, Charlie shares lucid dreaming stories of his students in the talk and shares tips you can use to start lucid dreaming tonight. Watch this video to learn how to get lucid fast.

Video Timestamps:

00:00 - Introduction
01:28 - What is a lucid dream?
03:28 - Lucid dreams and nightmares
06:00 - Controlling your experiences in a dream
10:40 - Charlie Morley’s personal experience with dream yoga
11:58 - The science of lucid dreaming
20:48 - Curing health issues through lucid dreaming
24:45 - How lucid dreaming affects the natural sleep cycle
28:12 - The psychology behind lucid dreaming
31:04 - what not to do in a lucid dream
35:12 - working on traumas in lucid dreaming
42:50 - Keeping a dream diary
43:30 - The spiritual side of lucid dreaming
51:00 - The 3 steps to lucid dreaming

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