How I MAKE $27,000/ Week With PASSIVE INCOME & Productivity Secrets | Ali Abdaal & Lewis Howes

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Ali Abdaal is a doctor and YouTuber working in the UK. His YouTube channel now has over 1.9 million subscribers and focuses on how we can lead happier, healthier and more productive lives with the aim of helping people do more of what matters to them. Ali co-hosts a weekly podcast, Not Overthinking, with his brother where together they discuss happiness, creativity and the human condition. He also runs the Part Time YouTuber Academy where he shares his skills, knowledge and experience of becoming a YouTuber with others.

Are you ready to make this the year you start investing in your financial future with passive income, increased productivity, and multiple revenue streams? If so, then listening to this conversation with Ali is a great place to start. And now, without further ado, please join me for Episode 1,158 of The School of Greatness!

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