How Authority Works – Where Does Truth Come From?

How do you know which sources of knowledge are trustworthy, authoritative, and credible? Who determines this?

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  1. La Bouffe Des Winners
  2. Issac Mirro
  3. Issac Mirro
  4. matrix69523
  5. Liviu Rusu
  6. Beco De
  7. Shaun Dobbie
  8. Nexus of Life
  9. Young Grump
  10. Young Grump
  11. Anders
  12. Joshua William
  13. Joshua William
  14. Hailey Peterson
  15. 1tecladocasio
  16. Shin Truth
  17. Prem Shanker
  18. Rafał Dydkiem Machał
  20. AAK
  22. gemini Queen
  23. mensmon
  24. FPSCroatia
  25. Philosopher from Mars.
  26. Richard Alpert
  27. Vegan Stoic Linux Warrior Monk
  28. beskonačni uspeli pobednik
  29. capitalG
  30. The Legends Of Story
  31. Ryan Colthorp
  32. Strawberry
  33. Shaun Dobbie
  34. Dawid Szewczyk
  35. John Doe
  36. usukh
  37. Ramrod
  39. Erik Ankarstav
  41. Revolutionary Thinking
  42. hokiturmix
  43. Nach vaibs
  44. Bekaotik
  45. loopyy
  46. GokuTheSuperSaiyanDemon
  47. Harry Marks
  48. Hellboy999

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