Harnessing Intuition by Communicating with your Spiritual Guides | Vishen

This talk was part of the ‘Vishen Live in LA’ experience, which was an expanded training based on concepts from Vishen's book, The 6 Phase Meditation Method

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The 6 Phase Meditation Method is a fast-track, side-effect-free, proven technique to perform like a superhuman, create the unimaginable, and achieve the impossible in minutes a day.
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The perfect complement to the book, this online program (normally only available to Mindvalley Members) takes you on a seven-day journey through the key principles of the 6 Phase Meditation. You’ll join Vishen on each day for an immersive video lesson, as he guides you across each phase and through the deep emotional, intellectual, and spiritual breakthroughs you’ll experience along the way.

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