GAP Year After High School | Mass Impact (Episode 33)

What Up, What Up, What Up!!! It's your boy ET, here to inspire teachers, administrators, mentors, parents, and leaders within the academic community to make a MASSIVE IMPACT within their communities through EDUCATION! This week we are tackling an exciting topic – The School Days Foundation's YOUTH EXPOSURE PROGRAM – which recently took a group of students to DUBAI! THAT'S RIGHT. We flew students across the globe for the educational experience of a lifetime! E shares that he started dreaming this up to think outside the box to change student futures. Educators, how can you think outside the box today? So come on in, educators! We want to SUPPORT YOU! Whether you're a classroom teacher, a community mentor, or an administrator, you're welcome here, and we're running alongside you!

Get your pen & pad, and get ready for class! Together, we're going to make the rest of your career the best of your career.

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