Ex-CIA Larry Johnson: “NATO is desperate! Everything is crashing down!”

Ex-CIA Larry Johnson: "NATO is desperate! Everything is crashing down!"
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Ex-CIA Agent Larry Johnson depicts a sobering and dire assessment of the ongoing situation. Johnson's assertion suggests a deep sense of urgency and concern within NATO, painting a picture of escalating chaos and disarray. His declaration that "Russia is winning in Ukraine" conveys a sharp sense of inevitability and triumph on Russia's part, implying a prevailing momentum that NATO is struggling to counter. Furthermore, his exclamation of how NATO is reacting adds weight to the perceived helplessness and confusion, signifying a lack of clear direction or strategy within the alliance.

Johnson's statement thus presents an invocation of peril and instability within NATO, hinting at a profound state of disarray and a burgeoning sense of powerlessness in the face of Russia's advances. The use of exclamation points throughout his words emphasizes the urgency and critical nature of these unfolding events, casting a shadow of doubt and desperation over the alliance's ability to effectively respond to Russia's perceived gains in Ukraine. This interpretation conveys a potent sense of crisis and uncertainty, raising profound questions about the future and stability of the region.

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