Elon Musk & Tim Cook Deal CHANGES EVERYTHING For Tesla Plan 3 And Apple!

Elon Musk & Tim Cook Deal CHANGES EVERYTHING For Tesla Plan 3 And Apple!
Apple and the Tesla CEO are finally closing up on a partnership that will change everything about the use of a phone. It is ironic to hear that Elon Musk and Tim Cook are finally working on something, but here we are. What is this partnership all about, and how will it change everything? Join me today in this video where we will explore Elon Musk and Apple's new partnership that changes everything. Apple has been secretly working on a project since the beginning of the year, setting up a pleasant surprise for its users. It will interest you to know that Apple appointed a team of aerospace and communication experts to work on a satellite project.
With this on the way, they are planning to transmit data directly to their devices without the need for third party carriers. In addition, they want something that will permeate the remotest areas on the planet with some good connectivity. However, we know that there's someone around the corner who specializes in such areas. Elon Musk of course. This tech guru has his hands in almost everything, and whatever he touches seems to have a revolutionary overtone. His SpaceX subsidiary company, Starlink, is the key to Apple's success.
That is, if the phone company wants something quality that will match its position in the phone industry. You may probably know Elon Musk's Tesla and SpaceX, but Starlink has also been in existence for some time now. It will be the answer to Apple's needs as the satellite will offer more than what Apple needs. Starlink is a satellite that comes with a heap of promises to connect you to any part of the world, even to Mars. So far, Starlink's connectivity goes as far as six continents of the world. Yet Elon Musk still plans to increase the map coverage for his satellites.
With three solid years of successfully launching over 1000 satellites to space, we can be sure that Elon Musk is the man for the job. Just as we have already qualified Elon Musk for Apple's major project, experts agree that there is a possibility for a partnership which might change the connectivity of Apple forever. You will agree that operating on the services of a satellite that serves in helping the war in Ukraine is no mere satellite. So the partnership is a great possibility, and the two elite moguls are just preparing to make it happen. Despite that, Tim Cook and Elon Musk don't seem to agree in many respects. We can say that they may be warming up to each other.
It is rare to hear Elon Musk praising an acquaintance, but he recently applauded Tim Cook's efforts for making the ATT tool for the iOS 14 update. The update ensures that Facebook would no longer harvest users' data, something that Elon has been wishing to happen. Similarly, Tim Cook does recognize Elon Musk's successful efforts in the space industry. A good partnership would just seal the confidence the two moguls are seeing in each other's potential. So, let's talk about this feature. Apple is trying to put on its phones that will enable connectivity even in remote areas.
What exactly is it? Say hello to Apple's Emergency SOS. The Emergency SOS is a feature that will enable an Apple user to text emergency services, if they're out of reach of cellular networks or Wi-Fi.

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