Elon Musk: “Something Terrifying Will Happen Next Month!!”

Elon Musk: "Something Terrifying Will Happen Next Month!!"
In this full length interview from December 12th, 2022 Elon Musk reveals some terrifying details about what is coming.
In 2017, you said the Third World War will be a war with or about ai. Now we have a very conventional war. Can AI help? One of the reasons for world War III would be if one country has, or one place has advanced AI technology and the other powers. Or they're worried about some country GA gaining advanced AI that would give them a strong advantage in war then they may be tempted to attack before the country that is developing.
The strong AI has that for use in weapons technology. Russia said that they are going to stop the delivery of rocket engines. Is that for space? A threat or an opportunity? SpaceX, we design and manufacture our own rocket engines, so we do not rely on any Russian components at all. This will affect for the United States of America.
It is dangerous or well. The Boeing and Lockheed have historically relied on the Russian RD 180 engine which I should say to be fair, is a great engine. They are hoping to move away from that in the future with engines from Blue Origin, but those engines are not yet ready for flight.
There is also the Antares vehicle, which is depend uses the RD 180 1, I believe. They will not be able to fly as a result with all your knowledge and products, services. You are almost. A strategic weapon in modern warfare, how do you see your role in that context? Ukraine shows that there are opportunities that you're needed.
I certainly hope that SpaceX and Tesla do not are not forced to develop any kind of weapons technology. Obviously we would only do such a thing if it, it was the last resort. I mean it more in the metaphorical sense. Yes. Not that you produce weapons, but that you are, that your knowledge can be used in order to make a difference in conventional warfare or in the warfare of the future, which is ai.
I'm, I think I can be helpful in conflicts. Yeah. I try to take the set of actions that are most likely to improve the probability that the future will be good. And so obviously sometimes I make mistakes in this regard. And so it's not like I always get it right, but I aspire to get it right. And so whatever, I think is most likely.
Ensure that the future is good for, all of humanity. That's does the actions that I will take. Yeah. . A couple of months ago, we had an exchange about s Yunus Famous Oh, yeah. Book, book Storm of Steel. Yep. You were very fascinated by that book, which has been published roughly a hundred years ago.
Yeah. About yunus experiences in the First World War. Why is that book so important for you? I read a lot of books and I, and for some reason I'm like fascinated by war and history in general. I thought youngest book was an excellent firsthand account of world War I.
And it's certainly, I think a lesson taken from that book is we don't ever wanna do that again. . That's what's true. That's interesting that, yes. Yeah, that's good that, that's a good idea. Saying that because there's a big controversy around that book and some people are saying this is glorifying war.
Yeah, it's definitely not. And other people are saying it is a. For not having a war ever again. So you're clearly in the second camp. I think the, those who are don't, like youngest book are basically, just be because it's not 100% anti-war in the most extreme way then that then it's therefore it's bad.
No, it's like a report. It's just neither. Yeah. He's just saying happened nor negative. It's just describing what happened in a terrible. Yeah. Nobody's reading that book and say, I want to be do that. I wanna do that. It sounds, it makes it very clear, it's very terrible situation.
But he also said it's not like it's not like there's no good that comes out of even a terrible situation. There's some good that comes out of it, but it's overwhelmingly bad. It's just really, it's interesting to, to I read about history learn the lessons of history such that we do not repeat the mistakes of the past.

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