Elon Musk: “Something Terrifying Will Happen Next Month!!”

Elon Musk Something Terrifying Will Happen Next Month
In this full length interview from December 22nd, 2022 Elon Musk reveals a terrifying message about what will happen next month.
Hi Elon. we're getting into like some serious drama here. On a parallel thread, I'd like to meet someone and they said if you come through Germany, you stop by. And I said, okay well, on my way to India, I'm gonna, I'm gonna stop by Daimler headquarters and talk to them and see if there's any kind of partnership that could be had. This is, I forget the exact it's right before I gave the ISE talk, so that would be a that's how one could place it.
And I met with their engineering team and I said is there anything you guys what do you guys want? Is there, I'm Trump really cool here, even though like we desperately need some kind of partnership where we're screwed. And and they said they're thinking about an electric smart car.
So I was like okay. If we were to do something, , when, like, when would you wanna see it? And I said we've got like a delegation of Daly executives coming through in January of 2009. And I think this was October or something like that. And I talked to jb like Drew and Scott and Vin and a bunch of others.
I was like, guys, we need to get a smart car. And we need to stuff a rose to power train into it and make a custom battery. And it needs to work. By the way, by the time the Daimler team comes here in January, , oh my God. Oh, Mike, we can interview JB and about it. And maybe he'd add some additional color.
So now, so the problem was that there were no smart cars in, were not being sold in the US but they were being sold in Mexico. So we sent someone to Mexico and just buy a smart car and drive across the border. . , so we just, we, so we, this is a gasoline and smart car, so just with Mexican plates,
So we went, bought a smart car in Mexico, drove across the border and then literally put a roast drive unit and modified battery pack in, in the smart car and had it working by January when the diamond, the delegation came by. And I remember being in that diamond meeting and man, they were just, they were like, why?
Clearly they're quite grumpy that they even had to meet with us. They did not know we had this electric smart car. So they're grumpy that they had to meet with us and we're clearly trying to get out the room as quickly as possible. Yeah. And when we start, we started off, made the mistake of starting off with PowerPoint and which immediately made them even grumpier , cuz everything works in PowerPoint and they've seen way too many PowerPoint slides and they were like literally getting ready to they were gonna just walk out.
From the PowerPoint presentation, I said would you like to drive the car? What do you mean? He's we have an electric smart car. You wanna drive it? Like you don't have an electric smart car. That's impossible. I'm like, yeah, it's in the parking lot. You can go drive it.
Actually, it, it was a not, it was a smart car. It was fucking sick. . This thing had a roaster powertrain in a smart car. The powered weight ratio. This thing was bananas. It's like you could pull wheelies in a smart car, literally if you stepped gonna fly, not shake. Yeah. You could lift the front wheels off the, that motorcycle TOK had a four wheel vehicle.
Yeah. Motorcycle token on a four wheel vehicle. It was insane. You could burn rubber in a smart car. It looked bizarre. Yeah. Like you just never seen a thing move like that. Then I might actually drive a smart car if it was like that. Yeah. It was awesome. . anyway, so we we just blew their minds.

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