Elon Musk Reveals INSANE Prediction in Exclusive Interview..

Elon Musk Reveals INSANE Prediction in Exclusive Interview..
In this exclusive interview from December, 2022 Elon Musk reveals a terrfiying prediction about what is coming.
Our goal is like basically to do something that is, to have it be interesting, fun and ultimately useful.
And to spur creative ideas for what is actually the smartest way to take the trillions of tons of carbon that we've removed from the ground and we'll remove from the ground , from deep, deep on the ground and we've placed that carbon in the atmosphere in oceans which obviously changes the chemical constituency of the surface of the earth.
Yeah. And now I should measure, measure my statements in that I think we the earth I don't think we're currently doomed to be clear . This is a very important very importantly there's there, there are people in all parts of the spectrum from ranging from.
Nothing to worry about. Co CO2 is just makes things better to we're doomed and there's nothing we can do about it. I am somewhere in the middle . So my concern with the CO2 is not where we are today or even, the current rate of carbon generation. But really if it, if we, if carbon generation keeps accelerating and we keep getting a that increase in the keel curve, the CO2 plus million in the atmosphere and if we keep going and if we're complacent then I think we, we could, there's some risk of non-linear climate change.
So you know, thus far we, that we've seen the CO2 parts per million be fairly linear on our time scale. Although it looks very exponential on geologic time scale. , and but you, there, there are certain potential nonlinear events if we raise the temperature to the point where we melt the Siberian traps or something like that and we and methane escapes.
Yeah. There's just a massive amount of frozen dead plant animal matter. In in Siberia, there's potentially trapped gases deep in the ocean if you, if the ocean warms Yeah. That could be released. These, this are just, these are just risks that are not wise to take.
And since we know that long term we're gonna have to have renewable energy anyway because we'll run out of oil and gas. It's not gonna last forever. So we know where this ends up. This has to end up with renewable sustainable energy.

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