Elon Musk Reveals HUGE Tesla Announcement in New Interview

Elon Musk Reveals HUGE Tesla Announcement in New Interview
We all know that Tesla is a revolutionist in the field of Electric automobiles, and they are working to bring EVs in America and all over the globe to the next level. Tesla's new motor, you cannot be nervous though Lambos Bugattis and Ferraris surround you; of course, the most advanced motor technology leads to nothing less than the fastest car in the world. What makes Tesla Motor unique and special is it is the real deal in the EV industry.
If you want to find out what Elon Musk and Tesla did and why the whole electric vehicles industry is in shock so, join me today in this video. We are going to explore all about Tesla's new engine. Okay, let's get started without any ado.
Electric Vehicles are the future, accept it or not. At that point, you don't understand the importance of electric vehicles, but one day, you have to give up fuel engines for Electric Vehicles just for climatic changes, and you have to be ready for it. Mr. Musk already knows the importance of Electric Vehicles. Elon and his team are working tirelessly to give the world that vehicle through his company Tesla. Before Tesla, everyone had negative opinions about Electric Vehicles' reputation for speed and range limitation. But now, Tesla proved this wrong.
The reputation of EVS was so spoiled amongst the folks that love the speed that such people referred to the Toyota Prius as a hybrid car from Toyota. This vehicle was highly criticized because it could not accelerate beyond 106 miles per hour on highways. But Tesla has smashed all the notions that electric vehicles are not fast. Tesla came up with a competent, innovative solution to solve the biggest problem of electric vehicles.
Tesla's Carbon Overwrap Motor
Tesla is always coming up with innovative solutions to solve big or small problems, and one example came at the Model S Plaid delivery event. Elon Musk spoke briefly about this achievement during the presentation. He said, "What we're really proud of is the new carbon-arm rotors for the motor," he added. "This is the first time, to the best of our knowledge, that there is a production electric motor with a carbon overwrap rotor."
Elon also pointed out that this was very difficult to do because carbon and copper have different thermal expansion rates, and achieving a carbon overwrap rotor required it to be wound at extremely high tension. Elon said the team had to design the machine that makes the rotor to achieve that goal. However, It was a new concept, so that's why no such machine existed before. However, this gives Tesla another capability: making the electromagnetic field extremely efficient with a tight gap even at very high revolutions per minute (RPM).

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